Steve Wozniak Apple co-founder at PUCRS * Porto Alegre

One of the creators of Apple, one of the world’s largest technology companies, gave a talk in Porto Alegre on Thursday night (6) to an audience of more than 1 thousand people. He is Steve Wozniak who, along with Steve Jobs, pioneered the creation of personal computers. Wozniak is an electrical engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, but essentially a visionary. At only 11 years old, he set up a ham radio station. This was only the beginning of a trajectory whose effects are notorious until today.

In his talk, Wozniak said he asked his father, even before Apple’s creation in 1976, to develop a desktop computer for people to have at home. He heard from his father that the value of the machine would be equivalent to that of the house where they lived. The father’s argument made the will to create a computer accessible to the public grow even more.

“Engineers, good engineers, we try to impress other engineers with what we do, and that’s the basis for innovation here in our region, and for the whole world,” said the engineer. Electrician Sérgio Venero. Wozniak also said that today, at age 66, he cares less about technology and more about the man, who ends up isolating himself from what is happening around him. According to him, it is important to create solutions to day-to-day problems.

Also participating in the talk was the American Neil Patel, considered the guru of digital marketing in the world. With much sympathy, he gave tips to succeed in business on the internet. “He is a great specialist in digital marketing, has launched several publications and references in national and international terms in books, periodicals, and is a great mentor of several organizations in the digital world,” said PUCRS Business School professor Luis Antônio Janssen.

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